Day + 16 was a scary day and night.  Zip was discharged from in patient and we thought, O Boy, it’s all down hill from here…not.  He woke up yesterday around 9:30 AM, got up, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink, didn’t take his meds and was just bummed.  He ate a tad and drank a tad and sat in the (his) recliner and went back to sleep for another 3 or 4 hours.  Got him to drink a protein ensure and drink a little and eat a couple peanut butter crackers.  Finally took his meds and would not move.  His leg hurt him, his feet hurt him.  Actually, his feet and legs were so swollen, I don’t know how he did walk on them.  Took his temp, because his legs and head were hot.  99.7   Later took it and it was 100.1, another hour later  100.3.  We were told that if it hit 100.5, then we had to call the unit and he’d be admitted again.  You know we were worried.  Still couldn’t get him to eat or drink a lot and definitely wasn’t into walking.  We never got past 100.3, which was a relief, but boy, oh boy, his whole demeanor was not good.  He went back to bed around 8:45 PM.  Both of us did not sleep well.  The fluids were still in him and nothing we could do was going to take care of that.

Day + 17 arrived with great worry.  No fever…yeah!  Legs and feet still swollen, not even kankles, more like elephankles.  He couldn’t walk over, so he rode over in a wheel chair. Not his perky self.  Got into IPOP and NP Laura is back from vacation, so all is well with the world.  She said this was normal, he will feel like, I can’t remember how she put it delicately, but it meant, he will feel like crap.  He won’t want to eat for a long time and won’t want to get up and do anything. She gave him Lasix to get the fluids out of his system.  It seems to be working, which also makes him get up and walk.  I have to give him protein ensures 3 x day.  I have to make him walk.  I have to make him drink.  I have to make him eat something. Oh, I hear Zip now, getting up to walk.  Those elephankles should look like Olive Oil ankles by tomorrow. So, we’re slightly on the mend.  He’s supposed to have his catheter out tomorrow.  She thinks that is part of his fever problem. We are supposed to go to Discharge Class on Thursday.  We were supposed to do that last Thursday, but you all know what happened last week.  So, I’m not counting on anything.  Just going day by day seeing what happens.

Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep, Zippy is upright and walking and at least drinking protein ensures, if not real food and drink.  I need some sun!  I need a drink and not non-alcoholic.

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  1. yowza.. what a trip you two are on…. if you get discharged and decide to come in on Sunday I’ll treat you to a Bloody Mary.. want it before service heehee..


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