So last night I got a text from Suz and she sent me a video.  I will tell you that it made me laugh and gave my ‘tude a real lift.  Those ladies keep my sanity in place.  They are crazy ladies and I love them all, especially the head Crazy Lady, Carol.  But, I think that Susie is in a whole league of her own.  This is what I received…


Now on to the other stuff. Old Zippy, went into IPOP shaking and shivering this morning.  They keep that waiting room at about 40 degrees.  We went over to IPOP and Nurse Gail took care of us today. What a great nurse.  Laura came in and saw his numbers and thought they looked pretty good.  She thought he needed a bag of blood, but otherwise Zip’s numbers were in good shape.  We planned out the rest of the week.  He didn’t have to come in tomorrow and this afternoon, he’d have his catheter taken out. So, Gail comes around to do his routine vitals, every 1/2 hour and guess what?  He had an official fever…darn.  Threw everyone into a tizzy.  What to do?  Brought in infectious disease person, talked to doctors, NP’s put their heads together and came up with a new plan.  No blood today, definitely get that damn (my word) catheter out, because they think that’s the culprit for the fever.  We have to come in tomorrow and Zip gets blood and hopefully, the fever will be long, long gone.

Went to Interventional Radiology, which I have no idea why a unit is called that, when they put in catheters and take them out.  We were in there about 1/2 hour, and bam, we were out and on our way to our home away from home. Zip is a whole lot Zippier without the catheter.  He’s still semi upright and walking, but since they gave him another Lasix, he’s feeling more comfortable walking.   So, we got back home around 3:30, long day and guess where Zip is right now. I think you all know…he’s in his recliner asleep.  I did get his temp 97.6 and a Protein Ensure in him before he went off to dreamland.

Here’s to a happier and mobile Zippy tomorrow.