Zip did not have a fever this morning, nor did he have a fever when we went to IPOP, or when we came home, but around 9:30 tonight, up pops 99.7.  It’s not an official temp, but it makes me worry.  He’s not eating, he’s not drinking, unless I force him to eat or drink.  Then it’s tiny bits and barely drinking.  He’s dehydrated, and since the catheter is gone, they are having trouble getting a good vein.  He got fluids and magnesium today, but Laura wasn’t there, so, our game plan has to wait until tomorrow.  NP Jackie had her hands full with the young woman next to us.  She had the wall TV blaring Property Brothers and was trying to talk her way around protochol (spelling?) and wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  Since when do we agree to a procedure and regimen that fits our health problem (cancer) and then when it doesn’t fit our personal plans, you get to tell JHH what you want and when you want it.  Never mind she had a huge “black out” from her first dose of a trial drug. They want to make sure all is safe and she wants it all to fit her personal life.  I have watched a woman (teacher) caring for her husband all summer.  She’s going back to school, since she has the only job and has 2 toddlers, but brothers, mothers and fathers are coming in to take her place, when she can’t be there.  I watched an Indian family come and stay with their son, even though I can see his father, very uncomfortable, he’s there.  I see a mother, who told me, she has never gotten along with her daughter, since she was a teenager and her daughter doesn’t want her mother’s help, but needs it.  I have seen a woman from Los Angeles come here with her daughter and missed her 91 year old mother’s surgery, knowing that her mother could possibly die. All these patients work with what they have.  They ask questions of the healthcare, but in the end, they all know they have cancer and they all know that JHH may not be perfect, but they know more than we do and how to do it.  I know I shouldn’t have listened in on that young woman’s tirade, but, I take my drama where when I can get it.  It made me mad and gave me a headache.

So, I got a text this morning from Julie Knepp.  She works for JHH and comes up here every Tuesday and every couple weeks, 2 days a week.  We met at the end of the bridge from the garage.  It was the highlight of our week. It’s so nice to talk about things other than health. Our highlight of the week is going to Harris Teeter or Target and getting mail (thanks for the cards, they make us smile or laugh)  Certainly not the couple you know.  I rarely cook.  Can you imagine? My kindle and my laptop are my friends.  The binoculars entertain me, when I can’t sleep. I am pathetic…I’m like those old biddies in novels that know whatever is going on in the neighborhood.  Speaking of which, I’m looking out the window now, car parked where it shouldn’t be and some guy is getting out…let me get the binoculars.

Here’s hoping Zip is feverless, eating and drinking in the morning. God help him.