So, it’s 10:20AM and we’re sitting in JHH E R. I knew we were in trouble yesterday when he had a temp, but they can’t find the source. Zip had chest x Ray, EKG, urine specimen, a bag of blood, and a bag of magnesium. He was given 2 antibiotics, then sent home at 5:15 yesterday. I checked temp at 8 and then at 10, no temp.  Fell asleep and woke around 4 when Zip came back from bathroom. Took temp and it was 101.7…wow and I took it with forehead thermometer and it was 103…double wow.  Which was right.? Talked to Zip and he was really confused. Thought he was sitting, though he was laying flat. Breathing erratic.  Called Doctor on duty. He decided he should go over to hospital, inpatient on Weinberg Oncology.  No rooms available.  Long story short…Called 911 and here he is in E R.

Can I tell you that wherever we are, whoever we are with, including EMT’s from Baltimore City and ER attending people…all are phenomenal! I am so impressed.

So now we wait. He’s getting antibiotics IV and waiting on a room at Weinberg Oncology inpatient.  What a rollercoaster ride. We may get home this year.

Here’s hoping to get Zippy out of hospital.


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