So, we’re now in Weinberg 5C inpatient again.  They have no clue where the infection is coming from or what it might be in his body.  E R is stumped, IPOP is stumped, Infectious Disease is stumped, doctors, nurses are stumped, no theories, just try different ways to find it.  We are told and I believe it, that some infections are never diagnosed, but if they are diligent and hit Zip with all kinds of antibiotics, they will get it.  They may never know what it is or was, but they’ll get it.

That all being said, I have to admit that this is one of the most interesting rooms we have been in, yet.  We have a view of the hospital entrance court, a close up and personal view of the helipad, and we also have a waterview room.  What a deal!  Our view…

You can see the tall brick building with the steeple to the right of the building, then to the right steeple is our waterview…wahoo.

Wait a minute, here’s a new guy, it’s the doctor and is all ours ( whoops did I go into a barbershop song) Doctor Ali just came in and has a new thought (I had it before he did) They checked on blood clots, but can’t do a contrast with all the other stuff he has going on.  It showed that there was a medium chance of a clot, but, couldn’t show for sure.  Doctor Ali is going with more than medium at this point and treating Zip as if he has a clot.  Which we already are doing that in reality.  He’s getting shots for blood clots since his platelets came up, trying to keep him walking (not doing a good job of that)  keeping his legs up, drinking plenty of fluids. We’ve been this route before and Zippy understands what he has to do now.  He must, must get up and walk every 2 hours, whether he wants to or not.

Binocular time last night was interesting.  What is the deal with people standing along the sidewalks, waving to oncoming cars?  It’s looks like they want any car to stop and give them a ride.  I’ve seen a couple, three times and am just wondering the deal.  They are not waving to  cabs, just to regular cars, not to Ubers , just regular cars.  Inquiring minds want to know. Also, went into the big kitchen this morning around 6:30 AM and looked out at the street  and some guy was staggering down the sidewalk.  I figured he was a panhandler, but no.  A young normal looking guy was walking the opposite direction and they met on the corner.  They gave each other a manly hug and separated. The staggering guy handed the other guy something and they both walked away from each other.  A drug deal at 6:30 in the morning? Amazing?  I guess not around here.

So, here’s to Zippy getting upright and walking every two hours and that if it is a blood clot, that it dissolves soon.  Oh, and Happy Birthday to my brother, Andrew and keep my sister and nieces in your prayers, my sister Martha is not doing well.


2 thoughts on “Day + 22 + Another New Home

  1. Having been a vice cop in Baltimore, I can tell you that the odds are that the people waving to oncoming cars are “streetwalkers” assuming that, at least most of them are female. If some are male they are either “gay” streetwalkers or pimps. The two guys meeting on the corner are buyer and seller. In the 60’s it would be a sure thing, but I’m guessing that things haven’t changed much (probably a lot worse). And, yes, the best place to watch from is a rooftop or high window. As far as I can remember, we never gave a thought to use Hopkins as a stakeout. Most of the gambling, drugs and vice action was in the lower section of Broadway, or downtown on “the Block.” The more things change, the more they stay the same!

    Glad Zippy understands the need to walk. It is so, so important; maybe up there in the top 5!!!


    1. I thought the other night it might be hookers, but, didn’t look like that…a fat mother and 2 daughters, early teens…possibly, but last night it was older woman and an older guy, that looked to be married…still possible. Just an ugly thought that I don’t want in my mind.


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