This morning, Zip is still having stomach problems.  His specimens have come back with no bad stuff in his system.  So, we aren’t going to be quarantined any longer.  We now have to get this stomach issue out of the way.

I was hesitant to send out my last post, but, since I received a very, shall we say, strong opinion, I thought I’d keep it on anyway.  Inda Woods, sent the following:

Dear Misses Zippy,

Your recent posting of a photo of Mr. Zippy D Dodah practically naked compels me to write the following two comments:
You are hereby highly commended for having the foresight to cover Mr.Zippy’s private parts area with the hospital style utility table that has the extension tray just in case Mr. Zippy started to have an… uhh… ahem… shall we say started to have a hard attack. If Mr. Zippy actually started to have a hard attack, being able to quickly and easily extend the tray was a stroke of genius. Of course, if Mr. Zippy actually started to have a hard attack while the picture was taken, one would assume he would also have exhibited an extremely pronounced, but perverted, smile.
You are hereby severely criticized for NOT posting the following before the subject photo could be viewed:
                  W A R N I N G


Mr. Inda Woods

I am very concerned about this letter to me.   I am not taking the photo off.  I thought that I could make some serious money.   What woman would not want to buy a poster of The Full Zipster.  I think they’d pay good money for one.

I rest my case.