Last night was a little touch and go, with the stomach issues.  He slept late.  This morning is so much better.  Zip actually ate 1/2 English muffin and 1/2 banana and cup of tea and kept it down.  Yeah…little joys! He walked the halls 2 times and then walked 1/2 way to IPOP.  Got into IPOP and Zip proceeded to charm everyone that would listen to him.  My old Zippy is almost back. We’re still here and have to go back for a few days, making sure the blood clots are doing what they are supposed to do…go away. We went over to Harris Teeter, he wanted to walk around regular people…go figure.  He did get a donut, but he ain’t gonna eat it.  I think it may disappear or get lost or just put away.  Did get Siggi yogurt, since my buddy Susie, told me to and NP Laura eats it all the time.  Zip’s now onboard with Siggi.  A very boring day, but, I’ll take boring over roller coasters.

Want to thank all those that have put in orders for the calendars and posters.  I think we may be able to pay for our vacation this summer in Baltimore with the proceeds.

Here’s to boring Zippy upright and really walking today and tomorrow.