Yes, we really are 26 days since the re-infusion.  That means we have been here,  this last time, 29 days, and since the time before, when they kicked us out for 10 days with Zip’s first bout with infection, 8 days.  We’ve been here at JHH a total of 37 days. It’s hard for us to believe we’ve spent more time on vacation in Baltimore than we ever vacationed in Florida.  Just saying…

Meteor Showers this week.  Best time to see them, would be Friday/Saturday 1 AM.  Since it’s going to rain, I’d say Thursday night would be ideal.  I guess I’ll be missing this August’s meteor shower…bummer.

IPOP today was quiet.  Zippy with out his catheter is having a terrible time with labwork. They cannot get an IV in his arm for anything.  He’s bandaged all over his arms and has a huge lump on his left arm.  He’s a mess with bad veins now. They’ve poked, prodded, thumped, jabbed, prayed and gave up.  IPOP unit had to get an IV in his arm and take labs there. Thank goodness, Zip doesn’t have to get labwork tomorrow.

Zip walked most of the way over to IPOP and walked all the way back to our home away from home.  He ate 3 small meals today.  So here’s to Zip being upright, walking, and eating.