Got a phone call from my niece yesterday morning.  My sister, Martha died around 12:00 AM, on her wedding anniversary.  She was, I think, 88.  She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, about the same time Zip had his fall on the golf course back in April. I never got a chance to visit with her.  Martha is my sister that was deaf.  She did everything with gusto and panache.  She was beautiful (but, all my sisters are beautiful) She went to Galludet College way back in the day.  She met her husband, and this is one of the coolest things, in Ocean City, way back in the day.  He was a life guard! They were a beautiful couple.  My parents and their family, and other family members use to go on vacations together…downey ocen, down to Florida.  I was one of the babysitters for Holly and Heather.  When Heidi came along, my niece Debbie took over babysitting.  Martha had a great life and great daughters.  Those daughters have taken good care of Martha before and after Glen died several years ago. Oh yeah, and she ran in many a race, even in the senior Olympics  and she ran those races into her 80’s.

Change of subject…I was in my car, when I heard my phone chirping that I had a text message.  I couldn’t open it and when I did, I was so jealous!  This is what I got yesterday…

Zippity Do Dah is upright and walking and only needs to take care of his stomach issues.