Thursday morning we went to  IPOP at 10 AM, but Zip didn’t have to get labs since his veins are pretty hard to tap into them.  So we went in and the Discharge Nurse took us for our class, for what to do when we do get home.  We were already scheduled for IPOP on Friday morning, hoping they wouldn’t keep us until Monday.  I shared my info about my sister when we got back from our class.  Nurse Greg went in search of our greatly loved NP Laura.  When she came in, she started asking pointed questions about his well being, you know fevers, fatigue, stomach issues, leg swelling, etc. So, she said, I think you can go home now.  And we both said, tomorrow, now?  She said today, now. We all cried (NP, nurses, techs, too) over our leaving, relief, happiness and missing all the wonderful health care people that we’ve met over the last 37 days. We’re not out of the woods yet.  We have to go back this coming Wed to see Dr Borello and then not sure how often, until he releases us to Dr Ngaiza here.

We were out at the elevators, when some of the nurses came out ringing a bell and carried a certificate of finishing our IPOP visits.  More tears.  They are the best of the best!

I did not post this information, since Zippy is still not up to par.  He cannot have people visiting him here at the house right now.  He can go out and can intermingle sort of… He has to be careful not to be in crowded rooms, without being able to stay away from crowded people.  As much as he would love to see his friends, and I’m sure you would like to see him, I’m asking all to give us some room and don’t come to visit. This was a really big deal and not to be taken lightly.  Zip has 3 months to keep a low profile, although the discharge class told him he could golf, but had, had to wear a mask.  He has no immune system right now…none…his immune system is like a newborn baby.  So, if you think you have allergies, a cold, a sinus infection, flu, stomach issues, diarrhea, whatever sickness for the next 12 months, stay away from Zippy or let me know and I’ll keep him home. I can’t remember when he gets his first immunization shots, but he won’t have them all until 12 months.

This all being said, I am so glad the Zip and I are home!  Our journey is not over.  Our escapades are only beginning, so keep reading.  They can only get better, hopefully from here on out.

Here’s to Zippy being upright and walking, hoping his stomach issues will subside.  Hope you all get to see him in the next week or so.  No hugs, no kisses, no passing of the peace.

Wahoo, we’re home!