I’m not sure where to start, so, I’ll go back to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  I guess the funeral blew me out of the water.  I’ve lost sleep over the family and I’m going to say some short things and as usual, get on with my life. I believe that every family has some good in them, if not a lot of good.  Mine, has a lot of good.  A lot of strong women and men along with their families.  I met most of them at the funeral and they are awesome people. I loved seeing photos of my sister’s family, which included photos of most of the family.  They brought tears to my eyes. They were good.

I believe that all families have bad in their midst.  I don’t think we can get around that.  We deal with our bad and try to move on with our lives.  One of the sisters that was a true sister of the second family did not come to the funeral.  I don’t know why. It’s part of our bad.

Then there’s the ugly.  I hope that most families don’t have the ugly parts, but I’d be surprised if most families, if not all families have ugly parts…pedofiles, alcoholics, drug addicts, abusive parents, negligent parents and the list goes on and on. That’s what causes the huge fractures in families and the dysfunction and “in a room with a huge  elephant sitting in the middle and no one talking about it” Our family talks about it, but, not everyone is onboard, or denies these things have happened or the ugly tries to intimidate the good.  Those that talk about it have their own way to deal with it.  We’re all different in our approach to ugliness.  I’ve dealt with it, worked on it and still, going back to the funeral, seeing the ugliness, took me right back to childhood.

The Good is in my family and the Good is winning right now.  The Good is taking care of their own immediate family to hope they can keep ugliness out of their family.  It doesn’t always work, but we’re trying to make a change in the dynamics of our families.

I know this makes little sense to a lot of people reading this, but, I had to get this out of my head, so I can sleep and I can continue. I’ll get to his latest escapades tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for your latest post. I realized that I never offered my sympathy in the death of your sister and I’m sorry about that. Glad you were able to go to the funeral – I thought maybe you wouldn’t be able to attend because of John’s situation. I found your vent about family UGLY especially helpful since this week we’re dealing with family UGLY. I understood exactly what you were saying – I can only think of the saying “you can choose your friends, but not your family”. This too will pass, but it certainly makes for unpleasantness.You have a great deal on your plate – I hope you take good care of yourself – keep hanging in there – you’re going a good job. Hugs, Ann


  2. Good morning.. I missed this one but caught it today… I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND and have that in my life as well.. it’s crazy stupid but it is so true and if ANYONE says they don’t have the ugly are just blind to it or embarrassed to admit it. You are an amazing woman.. I’m in awe of you!! HUGS V?


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