I think we are trying to get back to normal, or as normal as we can get.  I have to back track to last week’s visit to JHH.  Day + 33 we went up to Dr Borello, the director of this whole procedure.  He was happy with Zip’s progress, and gave him a thumb’s up on his numbers.  They aren’t completely back to normal, but going in the right direction.  He told him to keep the weight off (he’s lost about 30 lbs) and to walk and be as active as he can at this point.  Zip is worried about his fatigue, but Dr Borello told him that he’s lucky to be upright and walking (my slant on his version).  We go back to JHH for a bone marrow biopsy in the next month or so, to see how he’s doing.

Sooo…in keeping with Zip’s history of non compliance, he decided to get a Celebratory Italian Cold Cut Sub at Harris Teeter…hmmm. You know where this is going, don’t you?  Right…his stomach did not like his celebration.  Yup…we’re back to bland and boring food.  I’m thinking he “get’s it” this time, maybe not. We are now 5 days into the bland diet and he’s doing OK.

I’m trying to get the house back to order, which is tough, since I haven’t done a thing all summer. Fixing plants, fixing  the pond, weed wacking, straightening up at Jen’s house, baking, fixing computer problems, paying bills, you know, all the things that have to be done to not let your house or lives fall off the earth.  My brother is here to fix my icemaker, spray for ants (wow, did I have a huge ant attack), check on a new router for the house, check on doors and overall, check on Zip and me.  So, my question to all of you…who do you use to power wash your house down here?  Inquiring minds want to know! I think you can answer here on this site.  At least some of you do.

Here’s to Zippy being upright, walking, and off, all by himself getting his car washed.

4 thoughts on “Day + 38 + Catch Up + Power Wash ?

  1. Wow I’m exhausted reading all you are doing. We use Ocean waves. 302-449-9274. They did a great job on our house and it lasts two years for us Take care of yourself.

    Love and hugs Vanushka lol

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  2. Thank you and thank you again for being my Sunday Angel…I didn’t think about Sunday coffee and bagels for one minute. I knew you’d have my back! Tell Jeff, the car will be coming, just not until fall. To much still going on with Zip.


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