Not too much to say about us.  Lots going on, but Zip is really, upright and golfing.  He went out today for the first time.  He played the whole 9 holes and thinks he did OK for his first day out.  He feels good, he’s looking good with his “shaved head look” and he is eating…yeah.  I can tell, the old Zip is coming back.  He loves being with the guys, since he is a guy’s guy. He likes to listen to them treating him as if he’s just a guy. He likes to hear them giving him a hard time. It’s a guy thing.

We go back 9/11 for a bone marrow biopsy.  Then we go back on 9/20 for the results and office visit with Dr Borello.

I’m trying to get back in the groove. I’m having a hard time getting back to normal.  I did get my toes painted at Serenity (thanks Ginny for the place) and I love them.  I did go to Tammy and get my hair colored (don’t freak when you see me) and it’s still a little too much.  I have my 50th Class Reunion on October 6th, so, I have to have the perfect color by then…you know, just enough dark roots to give me, my look. I did get my estimate for repairs on doors.  I did get an appt for Verizon to come in and check on my line for internet. I am still working on ants. I did take Jen to the neurologist, which was the most frustrating visit I have ever encountered….another story for another time. I did take Jen and Bailey (her Yorkie) to the Vet’s to be spade 8 AM this morning. We did go to breakfast at the diner on Rt611 (good breakfast).  We did go to White Marlin and yes, HomeGoods is coming Soon. We did go to the boardwalk, beautiful day to do that and we did get Thrashers and an orange swirl ice cream cone. Too, too much to eat for us today. And I did pick up Bailey at 2:30 PM. I haven’t had a day like today in a long, long time.  I was exhausted when I got home today.

So here’s to Zippy being upright, eating and golfing and to me getting back to normal, or as normal I can be.


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