Tomorrow, we go back up to JHH and hope that all the lab work that Zip got on Sept 11th will come back looking good and that the Bone Marrow Biopsy shows us good news.

Zippy started with scratchy throat and coughing and a teeny temp on Day + 61.  Scared us both!  It got worse, was going to go to Rider on Monday, but then it all got better.  Using Claritin and tylenol.  So, now, no temp, no scratchy throat, no coughing and hopefully no pneumonia brewing.  We’ll see tomorrow.

On to me…Dr Giles, my eye doc, says I have great eyes.  Redness and dry eye due to allergies or sensitivity to preservatives in eye drops.  Something for all of us to consider.  I’m trying to stay away from stuff that is not “natural” to us.  I may not succeed, but I’m going to try. I have 20/20, still need readers.  Inside and behind my eyes are OK.  Yeah for me!

Saw Dr Davis yesterday also.  What a good doc!  Having surgery on my spot on my upper, upper chest.  Receptionist wanted to set up in September (it’s all about me) and I asked about “My 50th Reunion” She asked when and said Oct 6th and I heard from the back room, a voice saying “Set it up for afterwards”  Bless that man! So, no band-aids are needed. But, they set it up for Oct 9th 7:30 AM after my reunion week end.  Can I do it?  Yes I can!

So, here’s to an upright walking, no golfing (allergies) Zippy getting a great report tomorrow after his visit to Dr Borello.