Sorry for the delay.  Our visit last Wednesday was really great.  I just had to do a lot of coordinating with other healthcare stuff, doctors, pharmacies, and JHH.  A lot to do…also had to get myself together for “The Reunion”.

The long and the short of it…Dr B at JHH was really pleased with Zip’s bone marrow biopsy and with Zip’s physical body and appearance and attitude.  He kept us there for at least 45 minutes, just “shooting the breeze”.  He had just been to Assateague last weekend with his family and several other families, camping out.  They loved it and his 12 and 13-year-old thought it was amazing.  Welcome to our world! (We sometimes don’t appreciate what we have in our own backyard, we forget why we came down here)

So, Zip doesn’t have to go back until January, which will be 6 months.  Then he’ll get all the tests again and they will start his immunization program.  But, from now until then, he’ll go back to Dr Ngaiza to monitor him.  He’ll be taking a pill a day, which gave me great angst, since I have to get it from CVS Specialty up in Monroevile PA.  They gave me such a hard time (if you remember) the first time I had to deal with them.  This time, not so much, but they did send it to Abingdon Md CVS, not to CVS in WOC.  We’re still waiting for it to arrive at our home CVS.  I’ll also will be giving Zip a shot of Lovenox everyday.  They think that’s better than Xeralto pill.  If that’s what I have to do, OK.

On to more important things.  “The Reunion”.  So, I have a dress, I love and I haven’t picked out my outfit for Happy Hour on Friday.  Since it’s casual, at a Sports Bar, I think I can find something in my closet.  The dress, I love, but I think I was too prideful.  I loved the neckline, since it laid really well on my collarbones…very prideful.  I took to back to CrazyLadyz to find a piece of jewelry.  While there, another woman saw what I was wearing and wanted to try one on.  There were no other ones in the store, so they asked if I would let her try it on.  I said sure. She tried it on and it didn’t fit on her like it fit on me.  It didn’t  sit on her neck like it did on me. She was a lot larger than me, in the boobs.  I thought to myself, prideful me, I look so much better than she does in the dress.  She still wanted one and they ordered her one.  Never thought about it again, until I tried it on yesterday. I never found a necklace that worked, so at home tried on some of my jewelry to see what would look good with it.  When I tried it on, I couldn’t get the neckline to sit right and BOOM, it came to me.  She had stretched it out, since she had big boobs.  I thought of taking it back, but then I thought that’s too, too prideful.  So, humbling me, will wear it and know I still look good in it, but, also know there is something to keep me in my place.  It made me think…does it matter that I look hot at my reunion?  Why do  care about it?  Isn’t it enough to know that I love my life here with Zippy and Jen and all my friends.  That I have an awesome life, I think.  Yes, we have some roadblocks and struggles that are ongoing, but doesn’t everyone else.  Would you  trade your life with others.  I would not. So, I went in my closet, and found my old golf clothes and shoes, my old golf bag, my old Happy Hour clothes and I will wear my new dress and be proud.  I’ll let you know how it goes…the prideful me still thinks that Sandie and I will be at the top of the list of hot girls.

Here’s to Zippy and me being upright and golfing and Sandie and I dancing at the reunion.

2 thoughts on “Day + 76 and Still Counting

  1. Woohoo about the excellent report. That is awesome news. Did you try washing the dress to put it back to its original shape?? Lay it flat to dry. Or hit it with a blow dryer on the top may the heat will shrink it back.

    Mega love. Have a super weekend. V~


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